Body Transformation

Every body owns a high powered sports car, where are you hidding yours?

After your Transformationron you will own

  • Limitless Energy
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Sculpted Body
  • Pain Free

Only 3 Spaces Per Term 1 Term Equals 4 Months

“I am  a Performance Coach that uses Psychological and Neurological techniques to help others gain pain free powerful bodies”

My quest for being superhuman started a long time ago with a dissatisfaction what I could do and the notion that no matter how well we live we will all just start to fall apart one day. It has taken me over 18 years to get where I am and know what I know. I got here by studying with some of the greatest minds on the planet in psychology, nutrition, physiology and neurology which helped me become optimised, healthy and superhuman.

During my journey I healed myself from chronic fatigue syndrome, (that was so bad if I sat down for longer then 5 minutes I would want to sleep) I managed to win 5 British and 1 World Kickboxing titles and recovered from an injury that no one could explain or fix. When I started I was a dyslexic, chronically fatigued kid that couldn’t spell words longer than 3 or 4 letters. Through the techniques I had mastered from many of my teachers I had taught myself how to utilise more of my brain ride myself of real health problems and become a champion.

Today I dedicate 20 hours a week of my time to studying the most up to date research so I can ensure I am always at my best to help my clients and only take on a small number of full time clients per term. My aim is to create self-reliant pain free powerful bodies with constant online and offline support, the first and most important thing to ascertain is always your current state of health including your neurological state, you can’t out train a weak muscle caused by poor neurology just as you can’t out train a bad diet or lifestyle.
I train people to be the best versions of themselves.

What does it entail? I work with people on four key elements to create the best versions of themselves aka Superhuman through four key elements, psychology, Nutrition, Physiology and Neurology.


Organ Up-regulation Programs,  Gut Health and Healing Programs , De, ep Heavy Metal Detox Programs,  Personalis, ed Supplement Programs,  Personalised Nutritional Program , Lab Tests,  Cooking Lessons ,  Brain Health Programs &  Longevity Programs


Understanding Your Current Highest Values Liking What You Want In The Future To Whats Important Now,  Finding Your Core Value,  Living Your Future Today,  Removing Self-Imposed Limitations and Beliefs,   Strategies To Keep A Positive Mental Attitude,  The Secret Of How To Never Fall Short Of Your Goals Again And The  Most Successful Way To Map Goals


Access to a Library of exercise videos,  Personalised Exercise Program,  Multiple Meditation Strategies,  Sculpted, Healthy Body &  Professional Coach On Hand At All Times


Access To An Educational Video Library, Functional Neurology Treatments, Strategies On Optimising Your Environment, Strategies On Optimising Your Water Intake, Strategies On Optimising Your Artifical Light Exposure, Strategies On Optimising Your Sleep, Strategies On Optimising Your Hormone Profile, Tap InTo Limitless Energy & Super Charged Recovery

To get real results that last it is important to take a multidirectional approach but it is also important not to do too much too soon. I use every possible angle to get you to your best starting with a full evaluation of mindset, lifestyle and I also evaluate and treat any neurological issues that may be holding you back. The early weeks will concentrate on preparing your body and mind with small easy changes and supporting treatments to remove road blocks.

For example exercise in many cases will be a stress that will not help the body in the correct direction so using treatments like photo bio modulation to increase energy at a cellular level and reduce free radicles has shown to have great protective effects. Allowing your body to handle the stress of exercise and get results from your training.

The neurological assessment and treatment will help address any nagging pains, old injuries and unexplained asymmetries (strength or shape differences).

The mindset assessment will ensure we have the correct motivations in place for long lasting results and help you understand why your mind works the way it does.

Nutrition is fairly simple as long as its recorded, I use measures such as blood glucose to monitor your reaction to food and stress to ensure we are always giving your body what it needs and maintaining optimum health.

If you are in good health exercise is the easiest part, when it does not cause pain, extreme tiredness, when you understand the movements and what you should feel, it all comes down to consistency.

Using these principles will not only help you get the body you want but they will improve longevity and quality of life. Once the basics have been mastered then all of the world is at your feet and any skill you wish to acquire is much easier.

  • Improved energy
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Less or completely pain free
  • More mobile
  • More co-ordination
  • Increased stress tolerance
  • Stable metabolism