Christian Thomson


I strive to bring the worlds best knowledge on the human body and brain into one easily accessible place. To empower others to create positive change fro themselves.``Are you a product of your environment or is your environment a product of you?``

“I am  a Performance Coach that uses Psychological and Neurological techniques to help others gain pain free powerful bodies”

My quest for being superhuman started a long time ago with a dissatisfaction what I could do and the notion that no matter how well we live we will all just start to fall apart one day. It has taken me over 18 years to get where I am and know what I know. I got here by studying with some of the greatest minds on the planet in psychology, nutrition, physiology and neurology which helped me become optimised, healthy and superhuman.

During my journey I healed myself from chronic fatigue syndrome, (that was so bad if I sat down for longer then 5 minutes I would want to sleep) I managed to win 5 British and 1 World Kickboxing titles and recovered from an injury that no one could explain or fix. When I started I was a dyslexic, chronically fatigued kid that couldn’t spell words longer than 3 or 4 letters. Through the techniques I had mastered from many of my teachers I had taught myself how to utilise more of my brain ride myself of real health problems and become a champion.

Today I dedicate 20 hours a week of my time to studying the most up to date research so I can ensure I am always at my best to help my clients and only take on a small number of full time clients per term. My aim is to create self-reliant pain free powerful bodies with constant online and offline support, the first and most important thing to ascertain is always your current state of health including your neurological state, you can’t out train a weak muscle caused by poor neurology just as you can’t out train a bad diet or lifestyle.
I train people to be the best versions of themselves.

My Story

In China the meaning of kung fu is time and effort, so a master of kung fu is a master of time and effort, a master calligrapher is a master of kung fu. My personal moto from a young age was perfection is a fool’s errand that you should never stop chasing. I full well believe if you love what you do, put the time and effort in, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

These values of work ethic and honor are a big part of my foundation but when you get punched in the face as you do competing as a kickboxer you realise being smart hurts less, and the hard work is what makes you great if you’re smart about it. I was a dyslexic kid and being smart was not really my thing in school, to top that off due to poor dental fillings I had done at 12 I also ended up with chronic fatigue due to the mercury Poisoning (It took 10 years before I found the cause and answer through rigorous research and testing). This fatigue left me so tiered every time I sat down I’d want to sleep which obviously no good for a school setting. I had studied martial arts since the age of about 6 on and off through my child hood, taking part in a sport seemed to be the only time I felt alive. I wasn’t always good at sports I remember the first time I tried to kick a football I nearly fell over (at the age of 14) but I never stopped practicing until I could do something. I took up Kickboxing full time just after I left school along with a loan and put myself through the vocational training needed to be a coach (along with a few other qualifications). my first year of competing went well wining the junior European title. It didn’t take long for me to move up to being both a successful coach and adult ranked fighter, before I truly realised the importance of being smart and my own enjoyment for knowledge that could be applied. I started to look for answers to questions I had which often the people around me failed to answer with any satisfaction. I started to look at the greats and see what they did not just sports people but coaches, I spent money studied traveled and search for answers to questions most didn’t even know to ask. I started to understand that no one really has a clue how it all works and the best way was  a multi directional approach. I started to implement this in my own training and coaching and very quickly the changes started to happen.

I won the British tittle every year along with many international medals before gaining a world title in 2011, I quickly became sort after as a coach and continue to this day to dedicate my life to understanding the human body and brain in the best way possible to create fast lasting change. I have learnt many things from my years as a fighter, as a business man, as a coach and as a human I bring every piece of my experience to the table as I understand life is not black or white but it has rules if you know how to the read the manual you can simplify success.

Qualifications ·        

Black belt in Mugendo

  • Premier Diploma in Personal Training
  • Sports Massage
  • PDTR (Functional Neurology)
  • Sports Nutrition
  • First aid Instructor
  • Body Transformation Academy  
  • Photo Bio Modulation (Thor laser)


  • Junior European kickboxing champion
  • Bronze medal at a world kickboxing championships
  • British kickboxing champion for 5 years
  • World kickboxing champion
  • 2016 coach of the year at the body transformation summit