Top tips for goal setting this summer


Summer is here and with the change of weather comes a great excuse to start setting your goals for a better you whether it food, fitness or general lifestyle habits.

What do you want to achieve this summer?

Why do you want to achieve it?

How are you going to achieve it?

Where are you going to start?


These questions seem familiar, what if I gave you a set of rules to follow on setting goals that would increase your likelihood of success, make you fall in love with the process and feel great while achieving them not only once you’ve achieved them.

Today I am going to share with you the first 5 steps to this process that I personally use for myself and all my clients. You can use this for any type of goal and in later articles I’ll show you not only how to fall in love with your goals but to create a bullet proof plan that breaks down even the largest of goals s into small manageable tasks. For example you want a six pack or a flat stomach in 6-12 weeks, what do you need to do where do you start, how do you plan for this surely its just will power right?

Step 1

Write down everything you want to:

  • Do
  • Be
  • Have

Go wild don’t limit your self don’t worry if it seems huge and don’t worry if it crosses over with another goal we will be using more tactics to narrow it down as we go and this is a good way to see what else you might want out of life as well.

Step 2

48 hours after write next to each goal why you want to achieve it, if you can’t cross it off it’s not a goal, It’s very important to know why you want something even if it is entirely superficial.

Step 3

Ask these 5 questions to each goal if you cannot answer all 5 questions yes it is not a goal cross it off.

  • Is it really my goal
  • Is it morally right & fair for everyone involved
  • Is it consistent with my other goals
  • Can I emotionally commit to achieving this goal
  • Can I see myself achieving this goal

These last two are very important as you may feel guilt at in some way whether it be the time you will have to leave your children to achieve this goal or the effect it may have on important existing relationships you have, if this is the case you will always self-sabotage and find reasons why not to do something needed.

If you cannot see yourself achieving this goal meaning you have a lack of belief or a limiting belief holding you back you will first need coaching around this issue before this goal can become attainable. So take your time visualise your success, what does it look like, what does it smell like and who are you talking to. If you cannot then this is not a goal cross it off.

Step 4

Now ask these 7 questions if you can’t answer yes to at least one of them it is not a goal cross it off.

Does it make you?

  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • More prosperous
  • More friends
  • Better relationships
  • More secure
  • More peaceful

Step 5

Choose 3-5 goals that still are on your list and mean a lot for you to achieve, and follow the principles of SMART to accurately set a measurable objective goal.

  • Specific: state clearly what is that you want to achieve so that you can know when it is, no generalisations. It needs to be defined in a way that you know it when you achieve the goal.
  • Measurable: make sure that your goal can be measured, this is the only way that you will be able to know if you have accomplished your goal.
  • Achievable: ambitious but achievable goals are challenging and motivational whereas unrealistic goals can be demoralising. Your goal needs to be under your control.
  • Relevant: your goal needs to be important to you and to your vision.
  • Time bound: goals must have an expiry date, the time by when they need to be accomplished.

Step 6

Use this checklist to complete your goal setting.

  • Name of goal
  • Benefits
  • Obstacles
  • Skills and knowledge required
  • Helpers/supporting people
  • Deadline
  • Plan of action

Important! When writing benefits if you cannot find 20+ values then it’s not a goal cross it off. Writing the benefits of achieving your goal is a very important step to create a real attachment and engagement, this will help on those days where its hard keep going, remember why you want it.

Next week I will be writing about how to assess your current highest values and how to link them to your goals to further help you fall in love with the process and then the following week I will be writing about how to create a bullet proof plan of action and make even the biggest goals seem achievable.